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When you are looking into satellite phones the first thing you notice is that they are like conventional mobile phones except for the fact that they can be used anywhere. The also cost more than standard cellular phones but have the advantage of being able to make a telephone call almost anywhere without having to deal with a local telephone service.

The phones function by attaching to a signal from a an orbiting satellite to receive communication service. The regular brand of cellular phones can only receive signals from a local land based tower. There are many different ways that a cell phone can connect to an orbiting satellite but unlike the special made satellite phones they can not dial them directly.

The many phones that do use an orbiting communication network work because of some satellites geosynchronous orbit. By doing this many networks can achieve global communication with just a few satellites. There are also different networking companies that specialize in that linking communication between the satellites and cellular phones.

A few of the companies may have a very few satellites when compared to the others but this is because they are only trying to achieve a regional coverage instead of a global one. Another reason why their methods is effective is because they place their satellites at low orbits from the earth which does require more satellites but they can be a lot smaller than others and can be fairly cheaper when you factor the launch costs.

There are quite a few companies that have taken use of the low orbiting satellite method. The transceivers that are associated with types of phones do have very poor service when inside a foundation and they can be as bad a normal cell phone in many cases with little to no signal.

Another thing that the phones suffer from are lag times because of the satellites being launched thousands of miles into space. This literally means that every signal must travel almost 44, thousand miles to establish a proper communication signal.

As mentioned earlier they can cost a good deal of money to invest in and can cost even more when they are pared with a headset which would probably be a lot cheaper for a regular cell phone. If you are thinking about placing a call to one of these phones can also cost you a good deal of money but the person with the satellite phone will not receive any charges.

Yet these still make a great choice if you wan to have a decent connection in many different areas even if they are remote and override government interference. This type of technology may seem new to some but it has been around since the late 70's with the creation of the first company called the International Mobile Satellite Organization.

The company was created by the United nations which provided communications for anyone in the maritime community. It was originally known as a different company name during its creation and finally became private company that was managed in 1999.

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